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Everett Avenue Urban Renewal District

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The area is bounded by the City of Everett and Carter Street to the north, the MBTA commuter rail line to the west, Blossom and Heard Streets to the east and Spruce Street to the south. The Area is comprised of approximately 64.8 acresconsisting of 102 separately assessed parcels of land, including 53 buildings and 11 public or private streets.  The area is owned by 50 individual property owners, including the City of Chelsea and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Current zoning designations include Residence 2, Business, and Light Industrial.

In 1994, RKG Associates completed a report entitled, “Highest and Best Use Analysis and Development Strategy”, that reached the conclusion that, “under current market conditions and financial requirements in the private sector, the study area cannot and will not be redeveloped in the short term unless the City of Chelsea offers financial assistance, grants, and other incentives to attract potential developers.”  This study and several similar studies indicated the need for municipal intervention in the Everett Ave Area.  The Everett Avenue Urban Renewal Plan calls for direct eminent domain actions in certain areas of the District, adoption of economic incentives throughout the Area, completion of public infrastructure improvements for traffic and public safety reasons, and other rehabilitative efforts in the Area.

Specific Purposes and Objectives of the Plan include:

To enhance the marketability and promote the development of underutilized land in the Area by the assembly, replaning, and subdivision of land.

To increase local employment opportunities by providing new sites for commercial development along Route 1.

To increase local employment by providing tax incentives and improved access for existing industrial and business expansion.

To promote sound site planning and building arrangement in the development of the individual parcels by private redevelopers in order to achieve coordinated and harmonious urban design.

To improve the traffic pattern of the City and of the Area through the correction of conditions contributing to traffic hazards and congestion and, more specifically, through the following project actions:
The widening and realignment of streets
The improvement of signalization at intersections
The elimination of narrow and substandard minor streets
The construction of new interior streets
The improvement of existing streets
The provision of adequate off street parking

To improve public utilities by constructing or reconstructing sidewalks, street lighting, water, sewer and drainage systems where necessary and installing electrical and telephone lines underground, where appropriate.

To provide sites of sufficient size and with appropriate access and improvements, so that major new construction is encouraged and sound redevelopment is facilitated.

To provide for a change in land uses from the present incompatible and haphazard mixture of industrial, commercial, and residential uses to a clearly defined pattern of mixed use commercial, residential, and industrial.

To remove obsolete, substandard and deteriorated buildings and other environmental conditions which are factors in spreading blight and deterioration within the area and to adjacent areas.

To assist the City of Chelsea in increasing public safety by providing improved access to industrial areas previously inaccessible to police and fire department personnel.

Current Planning Efforts-Everett Ave web.jpg
Widening of Spruce Street (Heard St to Second St)
Planning and Permitting of the Emerald Block Parcel (177 Everett Ave)
Planning and Permitting of the Gateway Parcel (204 Maple St)

Contact Information:
Chelsea City Hall
500 Broadway, Room #302
Chelsea, MA 02150
(617) 889-8666

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